Course objectives


  • Understand and apply the theoretical and methodological foundation to evaluate virtual courses for ongoing education.


  • Review the conceptual foundation for evaluating virtual courses for ongoing education.
  • Reflect on contributions offered by various institutions to evaluate virtual courses.
  • Analyze the model for self-assessment of virtual courses for ongoing education.
  • Conduct the self-assessment of a virtual course for ongoing education, applying the proposed self-assessment model.


  • Unit I. Basic Foundation
  • Unit II. Evaluating virtual courses for ongoing education
  • Unit III. Self-assessment process for virtual courses

 Curse duration

  • 100 hours
  • 5 weeks


  • Distance study with virtual support, requiring Internet connection.

 Learning Scenario

The Virtual Learning Environment (EVA) provides the following resources:

  • Comprehensive document readings
  • Participation in forums.
  • Carrying out self-assessments.
  • Distance activities.


  • At the end of the course, each participant completing course requirements satisfactorily will receive the respective certification, indicating the number of hours of course duration.

Number of participants

  • The maximum number of students is 25.

 Requirements for participants

  • Computer. Pentium IV or higher.
  • Internet connection 258 kbps or higher.
  • Mozilla or Chrome web browser.
  • Microsoft Word text processor.

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